By requesting service from Carrie Pulkinen Art, you are agreeing to the following terms:

 Disclaimer:You understand that Carrie Pulkinen Art is not a publishing or marketing firm. Services and products provided are of a creative nature, and we do not guarantee results including, but not limited to, the following: book ranking, sales, click-throughs, likes, follows, shares, and reviews.

Period of Performance:Delivery dates will be discussed prior to artist beginning work. Accepting a service means you are accepting the agreed upon delivery date. Carrie Pulkinen Art does not assume responsibility if deadlines are missed due to client being late in supplying materials or approving drafts.

Fee Schedule:Payment in full is required before final files will be released. For orders over $100, a 50% deposit is required before artist will begin work. PayPal is the only accepted method of payment. *A 3% payment processing fee will be added to all orders.

Copyright:Carrie Pulkinen Art uses stock images from Deposit Photos or other similar stock photography sites under the standard license. Carrie Pulkinen Art owns the unique combination of visual elements that compromise the complete design and licenses them to the client for use in the specified project only. The client may not alter, change, repurpose, or reuse the images for purposes other than the original intent.

Fees paid do NOT include the rights to any of the draft products provided. Any designs not selected from the draft stages are owned by Carrie Pulkinen Art and are subject to being sold/used for other projects.

Refusal of Service:We reserve the right to refuse service at our sole discretion. Reasons for refusal include, but are not limited to, the following: scheduling conflicts, current workload prevents us from taking on new projects, client does not adhere to terms, content or artwork requested is defamatory, libelous, threatening, abusive, illegal, objectionable, or violates privacy or rights in any way.

Refund Policy:All payments received are nonrefundable. In the event the client is not satisfied with a custom cover design after two rounds of revisions, client may refuse further service and forfeit paid deposit or request more revisions at $25 per round.