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About Carrie

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Media Studies from the University of Houston - Clear Lake, and I have been doing graphic design in some form or other since 1997 when I first learned Photoshop.

I designed ads for a computer company right out of college, and then I made a career change and became a high school teacher. I taught computer animation for three years and then changed schools to teach yearbook design and photojournalism.

I started writing paranormal romance in 2010, and now I'm bringing my love of writing together with my design skills to create graphics for authors.

Meet the Team



Carrie's Personal Assistant

Loki enjoys long walks through the neighborhood and stealing his brother's food when he's not looking.


Carrie Pulkinen


Carrie likes red wine and chocolate, and she loves anything and everything that has to do with the paranormal.



Carrie's Backup Assistant

Tango enjoys long naps and snoring as loudly as possible.